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About Us


Founded in 1993 by President and CEO, Dr. Nathaniel J. Williams, HumanWorks Affiliates (formerly known as Spectrum Services) evolved from a strategic plan to expand the services of the former Foundation for Progressive Living and incorporate additional programs based on recognized community needs.


Our mission is to provide quality and individually based services to persons with mental
disabilities, children and youth, the disadvantaged and other under-served populations
with the desire to help people "Reach Their Potential" and empower them to "Build a Brighter Tomorrow". We implement our mission through hiring and continuously training a staff that is professional, caring and committed to supporting those whom we serve.

Core Values

  • A. Accountability
    (definition: an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one's actions)
    Culture that faces situations head on
    "What role did we play in this?"
    "Don't put the monkey on someone else's back"
    No excuses
    Completing the loop
  • B. Expectations
    (definition: something expected, basis for expecting)
    Cleanliness standards: never leave a site that is not up to standards
    "Think outside the box"
    Go the extra mile/Give it your all
    No problems without possible solutions

  • C. Outcome-Focused
    (definition: something that follows as a result or consequence; directed attention)
    Yesterday Mentality: yesterday is not soon enough
    Just because it was this way yesterday does not mean it has to be this way tomorrow
    "Whatever it takes attitude": No job too small, no task too tall

  • D. Professional Mentality
    (definition: exhibiting a courteous, conscientious, and generally businesslike manner in the workplace; mode or way of thought)
    Commitment and Dedication
    Brutal Honesty
    Rise above the rest
    Dress for Success
    Striving to Improve


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